Who we are

Designers, Thinkers & Collaborators

No matter the size of your business, we have the skills and experience to propel your organization to new heights. We drive business innovation & maximize commercial success for our clients through the design of impactful product and brand experiences that delight customers and add value to their lives.

What Drive us?


We use products we help create. So we know the problems that your customers face. We see this as an opportunity. We love when our clients bring us challenging requests or when we see the potential to improve existing products. Part of the joy in being an engineer is the ability to build things that let people enjoy life and do more.


We often get called upon to do the things that no one has ever done before. We treasure those moments. We’re proud of the unique products we’ve developed that solve new problems and don’t look like anything else on the market.


We are committed to excellence in every aspect of our projects. From design to manufacturing we make sure your needs and technical requirements are completely accounted for at every step of the way. Throughout our manufacturing process, we stay committed to quality. We’ve taken the time to make sure our products are always built right. It shows. We’ve had virtually 0 warranty claims on any of our products.

What People Say

Sqruz is a great organization to work. There is no better place I have ever seen in terms of their behavior.

Indrapal Saxena

I would recommend Sqruz to anyone who wants to go a one step ahead in their business.

V. P. Singh

if you are looking for automation and Industry 4.0 involvement in your business, than Sqruz is the best place.

Dr. Faisal Khan

Let’s build something together.