What are Lithophanes?

It’s an artwork, can be seen when lit up by some light source from the back side, created with plastic or any other translucent material.

From Sketches and Painting to Photos and Videos, we all had grown up during this digitalization process of human race. Now it’s time to go one step ahead with SQRUZ, we are offering a wide range of Lithophane products to save and live your life around your good memories.

At Sqruz, we turn your pictures into 3D stl files of lamp lithophanes, flat lithophanes, curved lithophanes, spherical lithophanes and more.

Cylindrical Lithophane
Spherical Lithophane
Flat Lithophane
Lithophane Light Box
Keychain Lithophane
Curved Lithophane
Christmas Tree Lithophane
Night Light Lithophane
Bell Lithophane
Vase Lithophane
Lampshade Lithophane
Lithophane Lamp

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

– Albert Einstein