Digital Transformation : From concept to Reality

SQRUZ ‘s solutions for the Digital transformation enable our customers to invest in future-proof solutions for the gradual implementation of Industry 4.0. The future of industry has already begun today. Digitalization and automation are the gamechangers for mastering the challenges of today and tomorrow. You can realize the digital transformation in your place.

Assembly line Automation

Automation in the assembly line involves the automation of several small process by using robotics, IOT implementation and conveyer systems to assemble the products resulting in the production capacity and speed.

Machine Automation

Worrying about the operator cost for a Machine, SQRUZ works in the field of Machines automation so that you will not need a operator to run a particular machine any more.

Conventional Manufacturing Automation

Shifting from conventional to Automated machines can cost huge. SQRUZ works in the automation of existing conventional manufacturing to reduce the transition cost of Conventional to Automated Manufacturing.

“You cannot stop the Fourth Industrial Revolution but you can influence its direction and impact in your life.”

― Nicky Verd, Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted